Who We Are

The Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of the history, heritage and automobiles produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company from 1909 to 1954, and American Motors from 1954-1957.  The Hudson Motor Car Company produced the Hudson, Essex, Terraplane, and Dover brand vehicles as well as Hall-Scott Defender marine engines branded as Invader 168 for WWII.  Additionally Hudson provided the chassis and drive train for the Railton produced by Fairmile Engineering Company, Cobham, Surrey, UK between 1933 and 1940. 

Consistent with being an exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, the purpose of HETHS is:

  • to discover and memorialize the history and products associated with or manufactured by the Hudson Motor Car Company or the American Motors Corporation through 1957.  This includes products manufactured by licensees or products based upon chassis manufactured by the Hudson Motor Car Company or its licensees;

  • to discover, purchase, commission, or otherwise procure, and to publish or otherwise preserve products, writings, newspapers, journals, technical data, photographs, and the like, which demonstrate the history of the development of the products originating with the Hudson Motor Car Company;

  • to discover, procure and preserve physical objects that may relate to the history of the Hudson Motor Car Company;

  • to establish and maintain a museum or museums on land leased, owned, or shared by the society;

  • to establish a library;

  • and to promote the education and instruction of the public on the history and products associated with or manufactured by the Hudson Motor Car Company.

Please join us in our efforts to memorialize Hudson vehicles, memorabilia, literature and educate the public about the Hudson Motor Car Company.  The HETHS regularly works to promote Hudson related displays at various museums across the country. You can support us financially directly through cash donations.  All donations and memberships to the Society are tax deductible and further the goals of the Society. You can also support us when you shop on Amazon.com. Click this link when you shop and Amazon donates to the Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society.  #StartWithaSmile. 

The operation of the Society is governed by the corporation Bylaws and the Board of Directors.

 Copyright 2021 Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society

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