What We Do

It is important to us that you know what we do with the funds you donate to the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Historical Society (HETHS).  We are working to improve how we use donations to educate the public on the history of the Hudson Motor Car Company and its impact on automotive history.


Hudson Motor Car Company Museum

We has partnered with the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum to provide lovers of the Hudson automobiles with a museum dedicated to the history and preservation of the brand.  Your donations go to help with new displays, maintaining existing displays and maintaining the property.


Displayed Hudsons

We provide Hudsons, Essex and Terraplane cars, trucks, engines and other displays of Hudson history to non-profit museums and organizations


Hudson Triangle publication

We publish a quarterly historical update on the HET Historical Society.  These are available online as well as mailed to members of the HETHS.


Doc Hudson

We have a traveling historical display that is a HETHS tribute to Doc Hudson, the star of Disney's animated movie "Cars"which honored vintage automobiles and automotive racing history. Our Doc Hudson started as a rust-free 1951 Pacemaker sedan with 59k original miles. His grill was gone and the front end had been wrecked at some point. The hood and front fenders were green, but the rest of Doc had his original Texas tan paint dulled by the sun to a rusty colored brown. The original "parts car" was donated by the Harry Bong estate.


HETHS Library and Archives



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